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Was ist neu in dieser Version 4.1.3
New smart wallet. Android 12 and accessibility improvements.Have your favorite certificate at your fingertips, in particular in a widget.New version of the key figures, with more historical data and fullscreen charts.Performance improvements and bug fixes.
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Beschreibung von TousAntiCovid

Using TousAntiCovid helps to protect your loved ones, yourself and everybody else by alerting you if you have been close to a user who tests positive.
The TousAntiCovid application is designed for use in France.
Let’s protect our loved ones, ourselves and everybody else.
TousAntiCovid is simple:
# Activate the application
TousAntiCovid uses your phone’s Bluetooth connection to detect other users’ phones when they are close to yours.
# Stay informed
You will be alerted when you have been close to a user who tests positive for COVID-19.
# Protect your loved ones and everybody else
If you take a test for COVID-19 that turns out to be positive, the laboratory will give you a code to scan or enter manually to send an anonymous alert to users who have been close to you.
# Your data are protected
The application never tracks your location and it is impossible to discover a user’s identity.
# TousAntiCovid Wallet - NEW!
With the wallet, you can now add your COVID-19 certificates (vaccine and test) digitally in the application, for more simplicity!
# TousAntiCovid Signal - NEW!
The digital "cahier de rappel" is now available in TousAntiCovid. In places requiring this, the venue presents a QR Code to scan to effectively trace the chains of contamination.
# Information and key figures
In TousAntiCovid, you can follow the health situation, thanks to key figures and daily news.
This application of contact tracing for Covid-19 has been developed by the TousAntiCovid team under the supervision of the Ministry for Solidarity and Health and the Ministry of State for Digital Affairs.

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